The Basics of Bonds: Beyond the SSB

Why Invest in Bonds ? Investors can utilize Corporate Bonds as an avenue for the diversification of one's portfolio. A diversified portfolio helps to reduce the risks caused by a concentration of similar assets. It could also be used to save for future expenses such as education or retirement. There are two main types of … Continue reading The Basics of Bonds: Beyond the SSB


Your Beginner’s Guide To Mutual Funds

What are Mutual Funds? A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that allows various investors to pool their funds together to invest in assets under a common investment objective, managed professionally. This objective is established through the  respective funds' mandate, which fund managers are not allowed to deviate from. When an investor buys into a … Continue reading Your Beginner’s Guide To Mutual Funds

The Starting Line: Inflation

You’ve likely heard the term “inflation” everywhere - it’s one of the most integral features of an economy. All modern economies experience inflation. It is typically defined as the measure of the increase in the general price of goods over time *. In other words, inflation measures the rate of increase in price from one … Continue reading The Starting Line: Inflation

Robo-Advisors for Dummies

What are Robo-Advisors ? Robo-Advisors are seen as the "shiny new toy" in the investing world and are supposedly designed to construct a personalized financial plan and investment portfolios that reflect individual investors' preferences and that perform best in the current economic conditions. How do they work ? One of the key selling points of … Continue reading Robo-Advisors for Dummies

Hyflux: A case-study and a BIG (expensive) lesson

A background on Hyflux As a company focusing on sustainable solutions in the areas of water and energy, Hyflux provides solutions that contribute to resource optimisation and sustainable growth for the market. In 2001, the company was awarded its first municipal water treatment project in Singapore to supply and install the process equipment for the … Continue reading Hyflux: A case-study and a BIG (expensive) lesson

Your Beginner’s Guide to ETFs

What is an ETF? An exchange traded fund, aka ETF, is a type of investment fund that is publicly listed on the stock exchange. ETFs generally track indices, commodities, fixed income securities, or a variety of asset classes, depending on the mandate of the fund. In many ways, it is similar to mutual funds in … Continue reading Your Beginner’s Guide to ETFs

Beyond the Numbers (Qualitative Analysis)

Looking solely at the Financial Statements to determine whether a company is worth your investment is definitely not enough. In this post, we would teach you how to LOOK BEYOND THE NUMBERS into the qualitative analysis of the company. What is Qualitative Analysis ? Aspects of a public company that aren't quantifiable or easily explained … Continue reading Beyond the Numbers (Qualitative Analysis)